Terms & Conditions

Driver Eligibility

A current full New Zealand driver's license is required, or a full license from your country of origin.
If the license is not in an English language format, then an international license is also required.
Drivers' names and license details need to be recorded at the commencement of hire.

Deposit - Confirmation of Hire

A deposit of 20% of total hire with a minimum deposit of $300 is required.
Booking is not secured until deposit is recieved.

Hire Costs

All hire costs are to be paid in full, prior to you taking delivery of the van. Cheque payments by prior arrangement.

Daily Rates

Our day is a calendar day, not a 24-hour day.

Cancellation Fee Schedule

Confirmed hires subsequently cancelled incur a cancellation fee as below:

  • Up to 30 days prior to pick up of your van -- 50% of your deposit
  • Within 30 days of your pick up date -- 100% of your deposit

Insurance, Excess/Bond, Exclusions

Comprehensive insurance cover is included in the daily hire charges.
There is an excess (deductible) of $2,000 on all claims for drivers 25 years and over, $2,500 for drivers 21-24 years and $3,000 for drivers under 21 years and this is represented by your bond.

Please Note:
Our insurance excess/bond is simply an imprint of your credit card and will only be debited if any of the following conditions are not met;

  • Return of the van in reasonable and clean condition,
  • All equipment intact
  • Without damage or involvement in an accident,
  • Without liability to any third party
  • With a full tank of fuel
  • LPG cylinder in place
  • Toilet empty and cleaned (if supplied)
  • All traffic offenses paid for. Any traffic offense notices that arrive after your departure will be charged through and a copy of the ticket will be provided.

Insurances do not cover:

  • water submersion
  • saltwater or fresh water damage or immersion damage
  • damage to tyres and windscreen
  • willful damage
  • damage caused while driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs
  • costs to retrieve a bogged or stranded vehicle
  • damage caused by hirer not checking water and oil

Road Restrictions

The following roads are regarded as unsuitable for Cruzy Campers's vans:

  • Skippers Canyon Road (Queenstown)
  • Ninety Mile Beach (Northland)
  • Ball Hut Road (Mt Cook)
  • North of Colville Township (Coromandel)

Our vans MUST NOT be used on these roads as you will not be covered by insurance.
Other roads may be deemed unsuitable from time to time and you are expected to heed the guidelines and instructions of road signs posted by territorial and statutory authorities.

One Way Hires

One way hires may be subject to relocation costs.

Roadside Assistance and Repairs

All our vans are maintained to a high standard. In the event of a mechanical problem, an AA Service Agent will provide roadside assistance. Any repairs in excess of $100.00 require our prior approval. Receipts for repairs under $100.00 will be reimbursed, provided that you were not directly responsible for the damage.
Roadside Assistance will not cover flat batteries caused by leaving headlights on, and bogged or stranded vehicles. The cost of which to be met by hirer (minimum charge $80).

Vehicle Substitution

We reserve the right to substitute a comparable vehicle at no extra cost in some circumstances. This substitution shall not constitute a breach of contract and does not entitle the hirer to any refund in whole or in part.
Layouts of vehicles may vary slightly due to manufacturer's modifications of designs.
Any illustrations on this website should be considered as indicative only.
If your rental period is delayed or reduced as a result then you will be entitled to a refund of any monies paid for the period of the rental that was not provided.
Cruzy Campers will not be liable for any other costs, charges or damages, whether consequential or not, as a result of delay in providing or failure to provide the van.

Extension of Hire

Subject to availability, amendments to increase the length of your hire attract no penalty.

Late Return of van

If the van is kept beyond the contracted rental period without authorisation, a rate equal to double the summer daily rate will be charged.

Booking Amendments

Please be advised that Cruzy Campers reserves the right to treat booking amendments after the start of the hire period as cancellations, at its discretion.


With the exception of seeing eye dogs for the blind, no animals are permitted in our vans.

Note: Our van fleet is smoke-free.
Please help to keep them that way.